How do I engage my users with my map?

There are a few things you can do to increase engagement.

  • Make your map look its best: make sure it has a welcome message, a link to your site, and a profile picture. Make sure you and your team members all have profile pictures, so users can recognise you in the comments. Categorise your tasks.
  • Increase your map's visibility: link to your map wherever you can. Share it on social media, put the link in the footer of your support and marketing emails, link to it from your app. Make it part of your regular communication with your users. If you otherwise share your work publicly, link to the relevant task in your map when you share an update on your progress. Embed a Changemap widget of recently completed tasks into your site or app.
  • Encourage users to participate: where you mention your map, use wording like "Suggest a new feature" or "See what's coming next" to engage users. If a user suggests a feature via support request, create a new task on your map for it and send them the link, encouraging them to vote for it. If you prioritise features based on popularity, remind users of this when you talk about upcoming features.
  • Keep it active: If your map seems dead, users won't want to engage. Keep listing your work there, even if it's not a user suggestion. Keep updating your tasks' status. Reply to user comments and approve their suggestions in a reasonable timeframe.