How do I manage my map's lists?

If you're on a free plan, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to change any of your lists. Free maps come with a predefined set of lists that can't be customised.

Go to your map's profile page and click "Lists" in the menu. Here you can edit, delete, and create new lists to hold tasks in your map. Lists have a "role" which determines things like their icon colour and the order they go in, as well as whether they allow things like suggestions and comments by default. Choose the role that most closely relates to what you'll use this list for, but feel free to rename it as required.


Changemap allows multiple lists with the same role, but works best when there is only one list with any one role. For example, tasks in a "Completed" list are grouped by date, so there's generally no reason to create multiple completed lists called "Completed this week", "Completed last month" and so on. Still, you may have good reason to have multiple "Planned" lists with different names like "Next release" and "Longer term", for example, and this is entirely possible.

Comments and votes

Allowing comments on all lists is quite reasonable, as people generally won't want to comment much on tasks that are completed. If tasks in your Rejected or On Hold list get a lot of heated discussion, you can always choose to lock comments on the individual task, or turn off comments for this whole list as a last resort.

Allowing votes on completed tasks doesn't make sense, as these tasks typically won't get updated beyond this point. For all other lists, allowing votes is useful in giving you a way to gauge the popularity of a task.


Task suggestions should only be allowed on a single list (typically called "Suggestions") to minimise confusion for your users. Suggestions can be triaged to other lists as required.